Submissions and Guidelines:

Ano Ba welcomes artwork, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and photography from anyone in the Pilipinx diaspora. Submissions are reviewed within the first month of each quarterly cycle and you will be contacted if there is an interest in publishing your material. We do our best to respond to all submissions in a timely manner. 

Be sure to read the following instructions:

  1. Tell us about yourself! When we include your work, we want to give you the credit you deserve. Please include a brief 1-3 sentence biography written in third person present tense. 
  2. Please follow the correct specs. 
    • Written submissions accepted in .docx format.
    • Fiction, Non-Fiction & Essay - less than 5,000 words
    • Flash Fiction or Non-Fiction - less than 500 words
    • Poetry - 3 poem limit
    • Interview ideas accepted by pitch
    • Photography & Artwork will be accepted at .pdf or .jpg (150-300dpi) - 20 image limit
    • If you have an art piece, know that the dimensions for each page are 8"x6"
  3. Let us know if your piece is final or if you're open to revisions. We want to make sure we are showcasing your best work, so if you would like editorial notes we would gladly work with you to refine your piece. Additionally, if you are writing poetry, let us know if you have any preferences for how your work should be presented or formatted.
  4. Send all work to Don't let your work get lost to the wrong email! But more importantly, include your full name and the word "Submission" in the subject and what type of work you're including (i.e. Poetry/Essay/Photography). Combinations of work will be considered, so don't be afraid to show us how multi-talented you are.