To magnify minority voices by showcasing art and narrative
about the multicultural Pilipinx experience.

We Pilipinxs were born out of a rich history of resistance – from the killing of Magellan at the Battle of Mactan to the overthrow of the Marcos dictatorship by the People Power Revolution.

However, our heritage as revolutionaries has been subdued and overshadowed by the model minority myth – a narrative that values assimilation, submission, and compliance and suppresses ideas of disruption, protest, and cultural pride – but the cost of assimilation is the loss of identity. The feeling of dispossession fills the liminal spaces between multicultural identities, causing a need to rise up against internal or external oppression.

Ano ba is an expression in Tagalog that means "what?" or "what's this?" As a zine, we want to carve out a space for dialogue, reflection, and rebellion. We hope to interject, dismantle, and reconstruct the systems of power that oppress all marginalized communities by taking back the narrative.

Ano Ba Zine is a place for stories in all forms – illustration, design, music, poetry, prose, photography – for all Pilipinxs (multiracial, multicultural, all genders and sexual orientations, and Pilipinxs who "don't feel Pilipinx"). We hope to construct a kind of collective consciousness, a collection of voices from the Pilipinx diaspora that together create a self-determined representation of our community.